dan flokstra
  Buying a home anywhere, but particularly in the Fraser Valley with the many different communities, can be a very difficult and challenging experience for the Buyer, especially if you don't know the real estate business and the area and you don't really know where to start. There are two ways of going about the job:

- The first one and often the one that a lot of buyers try first is to try and do the job entirely on your own. But when you get in the car and start driving around the valley looking for "your home", you will find that the area covers many different communities and there are many thousands of homes to select from. Before long, what looked like fun to start with, turns out to be a bewildering experience that starts to put a strain on your family life and it cuts into the little bit of leisure time that you may have left.

- The second choice is to work with a reliable, experienced Real Estate Professional, who is knowledgeable in the area and has the expertise, patience and dedication to assist you in finding your home in the Fraser Valley. Now it becomes an easy decision to make because you "deserve a life".

- Once you decide to accept assistance from a professional, you can't make a better move, than to ask Dan Flokstra to do the "leg work" for you. With his extensive knowledge of the Fraser Valley, his negotiating skills, patience and understanding, there is no better person to take on the challenge.

- But, you will say, "Is that not very expensive for me? What do you charge?" The answer in almost every case is "nothing at all". The reason is that the Real Estate agent usually receives a share of the commission paid by the Seller to the listing agent. If that commission exceeds a basic amount to cover Dan's expenses and time you pay absolutely nothing.

- Dan Flokstra makes a major commitment in terms of his time and expertise. In return all we ask is a commitment from the Buyer in terms of his loyalty. We will talk about that after we get to know each other a little better.

- We could go on about all the things that are involved in an average day and exactly how it is done but our space is limited.

If your mind is made up to give the job to Dan Flokstra or if you require more info, just
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