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  Selling your home requires a thorough knowledge of the local real estate market, the market trends, market values and extensive product knowledge. In addition the job of selling your home requires knowledge of sales techniques and possession of negotiating skills and "people skills", among other things. One also needs to be available to show the home at a time that is convenient for the Buyer. There are two ways of selling your home:

- The first possibility is to try and sell it as a "for sale by owner'. This is difficult because most buyers, possibly about 95%, will shop for a home with a licensed real estate agent. Why should they take on the job themselves when they know that the seller usually pays the real estate commission? There is really only one reason why a seller might want to do all the work himself, and that would be if he could sell the home for a higher price than he would realize with the help of an experienced skilled realtor. This, of course, is highly unlikely, because the Buyer knows that the Seller does not have to pay a commission and he immediately discounts the asking price by a corresponding amount. Quite often the Buyers in that case are sophisticated people!

- Of course, your best choice is make use of an experienced, reliable realtor with unquestioned integrity to sell your home. Dan Flokstra has the experience, dedication, and enthusiasm to do the job for you. In addition he has the required knowledge of the Fraser Valley communities and good relations with his peers. Some other agents limit their area of expertise to a very small area. Dan has sold hundreds of homes, all over the valley, from Aldergrove, Abbotsford and Mission, to Chilliwack, and Langley.

- Once the decision is made to let Dan Flokstra do the job, you can leave it to us. "Real estate is our Life". You can get on with yours and let us take care of things. "What is involved?", you may ask It starts with Dan preparing a detailed Market Evaluation for you, using computer data derived from the Multiple Listing Service and other available sources. We discuss them with you and you decide on an asking price and other details. Dan will then measure your home, make pictures, collect other information, and prepare a listing contract for you. That is just a start and Dan Flokstra will guide you through the process.

- When an offer is received on your property, Dan will take care of the negotiations for you, always keeping your best interests in mind and keeping you informed of everything that is going on. In the end it is you, the Seller, who makes the decisions. You get the benefit of the many years of experience and Dan's negotiating skills, honed by closing hundreds of transactions.

- But, you will say, "What will you charge me for all that?" The good news is that the rates are competitive with those charged by other realtors. It won't cost you any more to take advantage of Dan Flokstra's expertise.

If your mind is made up to give the job to Dan Flokstra or if you would like more information, just
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